Popular sports in business

Golf is the second most important sport for sponsors. Advertisers do not reduce their budgets for golf, despite the problems in the global economy and a slight drop in interest in this sport in [...]

Equipment for the golf player

Active lifestyle is good for people. This way an individual can get new acquaintances, have great pastime, and improve health. Not many types of sports however suit all groups of people. Some are [...]

Toys that motivate sports!

Now there are more and more new educational toys that are excellent for the development of memory, motor skills, attention and thinking. Thanks to this, we can easily keep the child busy with [...]

Valspar Hero Wrap Up

2018 Hero Indian Open Wrap Up Two Englishmen battled it out on Sunday in the Hero Indian Open, and Matt Wallace emerged victorious in a sudden-death playoff over Andrew Johnston. Wallace started [...]

Happy golfing with the right shoes

Every self-respecting person should wear shoes with high quality, as well as every self-respecting golfsman should wear good footwear. It doesn’t matter whether he is a professional player or an [...]

Golf balls’ characteristics

Golf balls should have the following characteristics: the diameter should be not less than 4.27 cm, the weight is within 41-46 grams, the surface of the ball should have 300-500 gaps (the more [...]

Golf technological innovations

Golf is subject to the same trends as any other business: a shift to Asia, an increase in the proportion of women among clients, urbanization, digital technology and environmental friendliness. [...]

The popularity of golf in the world

Despite the status of elite entertainment for aristocrats and rich people, golf is now one of the most common sports in the world. About 70 million people are engaged in it all over the Earth, [...]

Fast golf for young players

If in developing countries, for example in China, which took 6th place with sales of equipment at $ 196 million, the number of players has been steadily growing in recent years, then in [...]

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