Golf balls’ characteristics

Golf balls should have the following characteristics: the diameter should be not less than 4.27 cm, the weight is within 41-46 grams, the surface of the ball should have 300-500 gaps (the more dimples, the higher the ball flies), The internal device of the ball can consist of one, two, three or more component layers. Single-layered balls are ideal for starting training the beginners because of their low cost. Two-layered balls consist of a solid core and a thin rigid shell. They combine low cost, durability and good flight distance, so they can be considered as general-purpose balls and are suitable for most golfers. Three-layered balls are wound from the elastic thread over an elastic or gel-like core. Such balls can be very tightly twisted, sometimes it is very beneficial for golfers. In four-layered balls there is an additional layer between the braiding and the shell. The potential of such balls can be revealed by professional golfers only.

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