Golf infrastructure increases the value of nearby real estate

Golf is not just a sport, it is the quintessence of intelligence, excitement, sport, meditation, aesthetics, nature – so it is a certain way of life that is understandable and accessible to a narrow range of loyal admirers. Almost all golf lovers are distinguished by strong family traditions, often their families are connected by long-term friendship. They are usually the people of the same social circle, they choose places of residence close to each other and to golf clubs and fields to spend leisure time playing golf together. A golf field is a rare infrastructural advantage, and developers usually reflect this in the price of housing located not far from the golf clubs, the cost of housing with such a neighborhood is about 15-20% above the average. Developers, following the demand for high-class housing among golf infrastructure, even have ambitious projects to create a full-fledged world-class resorts with championship-class field, golf academy, cottage community and other infrastructure.

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