Mary Stuart the golfer

The first woman to play golf was the famous Queen of Scots – Mary Stuart. It is known for certain that the Queen of Scotland loved to have fun. In her youth she lived at the French court, where the features of knights’ culture were still preserved and all sorts of tournaments, games, competitions were regularly arranged. Upon the return to her homeland, Mary lost many secular entertainments and this, perhaps, made her pay attention to local games. In times of Mary Stuart the golf players used leather balls, stuffed with feathers, and wooden sticks as golf clubs. However, there is a legend that Mary Stuart loved to play golf the way the ancient shepherds did – with the help of a wooden stick and a stone. Perhaps all these details are just a legend, but the Scots are unlikely to ever give it up, for Maria Stewart has already become one of the mysterious and attractive symbols of the famous game. In the history of sports her name is associated with golf.

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