Types of golf clubs

The golf player can take no more than 14 clubs to play one game, each of them is designed to perform a specific strike. Golf clubs are divided into two types: “Wood” – clubs, designed to perform strikes at maximum distances, as a rule, such are the first blows. They are called “wood” because of a wooden head, although modern woods are made of metal alloys based on titanium. “Iron” – clubs, designed to perform strikes at different distances, depending on the position of the ball. The clubs have such a name, because their head is made of metal. Besides the difference of material, the clubs differ in the shape of the heads. So for strikes on small distances and with a high trajectory the “pitching wedge” clubs are used, the angle of inclination of such clubs is 50-60 degrees. If the strike must be done from a bunker with sand, then the “sand wedge” club is suitable, it has a heavier sole and a special shape. For final strikes, players use a golf club called “putter”, it is designed specifically for strikes on a flat surface with great accuracy.

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