Mary Stuart the golfer

The first woman to play golf was the famous Queen of Scots – Mary Stuart. It is known for certain that the Queen of Scotland loved to have fun. In her youth she lived at the French court, where [...]

The probable motherlands of golf

Many countries pretend to be the motherland of golf. For example, in Holland there was a very popular game “kolven” (though, it was played on ice) – the Danes were driving wooden balls with [...]

The history of golf cars

A golf car is a small car designed to carry golfers and their clubs. Usually it is designed for two passengers, less often for four passengers. Because the game takes a long time, players have to [...]

The game of Scottish shepherds

It is commonly believed that golf originated in Scotland and was first played by shepherds. In order not to be bored during the cattle pasture, they used staffs and sticks to get the stones into [...]