Equipment for the golf player

Active lifestyle is good for people. This way an individual can get new acquaintances, have great pastime, and improve health. Not many types of sports however suit all groups of people. Some are [...]

Happy golfing with the right shoes

Every self-respecting person should wear shoes with high quality, as well as every self-respecting golfsman should wear good footwear. It doesn’t matter whether he is a professional player or an [...]

Golf balls’ characteristics

Golf balls should have the following characteristics: the diameter should be not less than 4.27 cm, the weight is within 41-46 grams, the surface of the ball should have 300-500 gaps (the more [...]

Types of golf clubs

The golf player can take no more than 14 clubs to play one game, each of them is designed to perform a specific strike. Golf clubs are divided into two types: “Wood” – clubs, [...]

Evolution of the golf ball

At the beginning of the 17th century, wooden balls for golf were replaced with balls made of wet horse or buffalo skins. The balls were stuffed with feathers, the skin was sewn and left to dry. [...]

Golfers’ clothing and shoes

T-shirts and shirts in golf are traditionally used only in the “Polo” model. Pants can be worn of any strict style. Footwear in golf is very important for the quality of the strike. [...]