Golfers’ clothing and shoes

T-shirts and shirts in golf are traditionally used only in the “Polo” model. Pants can be worn of any strict style. Footwear in golf is very important for the quality of the strike. On the bottom of the golf shoes there are 7 spikes. They are made in the form of a flower and screwed into the sole using a special key. Spikes are made such, firstly, to provide maximum stability during the strike, and secondly, in order not to spoil the lawn. Gloves for golf are also of big importance. When playing without a glove in hot weather, your hands become wet and it becomes very difficult to hold the stick evenly, even if the grip is of very high quality. The same happens with rain: wet hands mean poor fixation. The glove is bought on the arm opposite the playing stance. If you play, as the vast majority of golfers, in the right-hand stance – you need a left glove. If in the left stance – then the right one. There are gloves for playing in the rain (on both hands) and for training in winter (warmed version).

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