Popular sports in business

Golf is the second most important sport for sponsors. Advertisers do not reduce their budgets for golf, despite the problems in the global economy and a slight drop in interest in this sport in [...]

A meeting room on a golf field

The game of golf gained popularity in the business environment due to the development of industrial espionage, when it became dangerous and undesirable to negotiate business partners within the [...]

Golf as a business

In many countries, golf fields are an important part of the tourism and restaurant business, HSBC indicates. World golf tournaments and events collect more than $ 2 billion a year. And the volume [...]

World market of golf equipment

In business related directly to the game of golf, great amounts of money circulate. According to the research of the American Golf Datatech and the Japanese Yano Research Institute, the world [...]

Sponsors in golf

Prizes for the best professional golfers can be estimated in millions of dollars per year, but sportsmen get even more from sponsoring companies. Advertisers do not reduce budgets for golf, [...]