Golf as a business

In many countries, golf fields are an important part of the tourism and restaurant business, HSBC indicates. World golf tournaments and events collect more than $ 2 billion a year. And the volume of the golf tourism market, which is growing particularly rapidly in Asia and the Middle East, exceeds $ 1 billion. The construction of fields is included in national tourism development strategies in countries such as the emirate of Abu Dhabi, socialist Vietnam and even Cuba, where golf was banned after the revolution more than half a century ago.  According to the designers of golf fields, in the nearest years the fastest growth in the construction of golf courses will take place in China, India, CIS countries, South America and the Caribbean, and also in South-East Asia. The most profitable fields of the region “Europe, Middle East and Africa” are in the Middle East. From the investment point of view, the presence of a golf course contributes to the growth of the value of its constituent objects. Adjoining the field housing is sold faster and at higher prices, as it evidenced by the results of years of observations. Golf contributes to the increase in demand for hotels and apartments, and can also be used as a tool of “positioning” for the construction of more expensive and elite properties.

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