The game of Scottish shepherds

It is commonly believed that golf originated in Scotland and was first played by shepherds. In order not to be bored during the cattle pasture, they used staffs and sticks to get the stones into rabbit holes. Over time, the game gained a different meaning. The stones were replaced with gutta-percha balls, rabbit holes – with special holes, and instead of sticks specially designed clubs were used. Golf game became a perfect moment to cover business conversations, because the risk of being overheard on the spacious golf fields was minimal. So the game of golf appeared in the XIV century in Scotland. Approximately at the same period of time the rules of the game were defined. The first mention of the game is considered to be the decree of the King of Scotland, issued in 1457 and prohibiting golf, because soldiers preferred playing and neglected their main duty – training in archery. The ban was recorded in the decree of the Parliament of Scotland and it was lifted only in 1502.

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