Golf technological innovations

Golf is subject to the same trends as any other business: a shift to Asia, an increase in the proportion of women among clients, urbanization, digital technology and environmental friendliness. Experts predict that by 2020 games will become shorter and faster, more similar to video games, and sensors that track the strikes, the number of steps, calories burned, the pulse rate, etc., will also become widespread. Today, there are several applications for mobile devices that can help golfers to improve the quality of their game. The application, which includes a GPS rangefinder, shows the distance to the center of the field and all obstacles on the way, as well as the wind speed and altitude. You can view the satellite image of the point where you are and, by touching any place on the screen, get the data distances from your location to the hole. When carrying out club strokes, a special sensor that mounts on any golf glove and tracks the game will help. It provides instant feedback after each shot, helping to analyze and improve the strokes with the use of the accompanying application. On your iPhone, you can also view your beats in 3D format from any angle.

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