Matteo Manassero – one of the youngest successful golfers in the world

One of the differences between golf and other sports is the absence of restrictions on the age of golfers, their physical training, etc. Recent studies have ascertained that the average age of men-golfers in the top 50 of the world rating is 33.5 years, and women-golfers – 27 years; and the approximate average duration of period of playing golf is 21.4 and 16.7 years, respectively. But it can be assumed that the successes in golf is related more to the experience of players, than to their physical qualities. One of the youngest golfers in the world is Matteo Manassero. He started his career as a golfer at the GardaGolf Country Club at the age of 3, and at 13 he started playing for the national team. During the next three years he became the youngest winner of the amateur championship, and then, already playing among professionals, he showed an unexpectedly high result in the “Masters” in Augusta and became the youngest participant of these competitions, which passed the qualifying stage.

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