Space golf

In February 1971, the commander of the lunar mission Apollo 14 Alan Shepard (ten years earlier he was the first American to make a suborbital space flight) played on the Moon in golf in the area of the crater Fra Mauro. This was during the 2nd landing of the Apollo on the moon. Shepard claimed that in conditions of low gravity, one of his balls flew several miles, but later offered a more modest estimate – from 180 to 370 meters. 30 years later, Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin hit a golf ball with a gilded club in outer space near the International Space Station. The ball flew into orbit. It had time to circumnavigate the globe many times before it burnt in the atmosphere. The unique trick was performed on a contract between Roskosmos and the Canadian company Element 21 Golf, which received such an original advertisement for its newly opened golf club. This is the longest flight in history of a golf ball. According to American experts, a tiny shell was flying in space during three days. By the way, the ball was non-standard – it weighed only 3 grams, 15 times less than a regular ball. This was done for the greater safety in the event of a possible collision of the ball and the station.

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